Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Leather Tor. Large new work

Leather Tor.  Approx 40x60cm

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ten favourite images (Click to enlarge)

Since I started this art blog I have posted alot of paintings. It might take a fairly determined viewer to see all of them.  So I thought it would be interesting to pick a representative group of ten favourites. (Please note unfortunately they are all sold as it happens. Although, also note that commission of similar work is always possible.) 

I didn't spend too long thinking about it -  the choice might have been different on a different day. They are in no particular order, and all of them appear in earlier posts if you want to find out further info on them  - some of them may be a long scroll down though!
Please keep looking - I will soon be posting some brand new work. - In some ways my favourite painting will always be the one I'm currently working on or planning in my head!

Mist clearing, Dartmoor

Afternoon Light

Black Pool on Dartmoor

Sunset tors

Woodland light

Western Beacon, Autumn

Chasing the light

Sea sky 7 (small sketch)

Fading light, dartmoor tors